Why morale is important

Imagine it yourself; You’re in a team, your boss never talks to you personally, he micromanages you at every step of the way, hes arrogant and takes none of the employees input. Now tell me, What reasons do you have to put in good quality work?

You may hear it a lot, you may have never heard it depending on how the leaders in your life were. Morale, the single most important part of being a leader.

Morale is the basis of everything in a team, no matter the project or organization you are working with. If your employees or team members aren’t happy with the environment they are working in, the work they are doing, the vision that is presented to them. What reasons do they have to put in good work?

In the military ive had leaders who didn’t care at all about morale, to leaders who only cared about the morale of his Marines. The differences were staggering. Whereas in one team the Marines were happy, they were excited, they did their jobs to the best of their abilities and we passed our inspections with zero negative marks.

Now on the other example, the Marines literally hated their life. There was zero reason for them to work hard, they did the bare minimum and it showed. The inspections went horribly and had to be redone months later.

You cant expect to lead a effective team with low morale, its next to impossible. If you’re a leader, always take morale into consideration when making decisions. If you are going to be a leader soon, or aspire to be. Ensure you learn about what improves morale and promise yourself to always create a positive and health work environment.

We will talk more in depth about morale and decisions that affect it such as micromanaging. But for now thats all i have.

I appreciate you all for reading my little post. And i hope you’ll leave your feedback so i can improve as a writer and a blogger. Have a wonderful day!

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