Front Of The Pack is about teaching and discussing all things about leadership, in any form. Be it leadership in the workplace, home, school, etc.

The blog posts here are going to be easy and short subjects on leadership where I delve into what it means to be a leader, how to be one, and the best practices of leaders in today’s modern climate.

I will also be discussing and studying modern leaders today, and the best practices they incorporate in their business/group/team. Hopefully I will learn just as much as you from this journey. So lets delve in.



Here at Front Of The Pack i am all about not only teaching people how to be a leader, but about developing new and exciting leadership principles myself.

My name is Tim Kerschner, a US Marine who has 5 years of military experience. Not only has the Military given me the ability to be a leader myself. But i have also been able to see hundreds of other leaders, Both good and bad. And that’s where i will be drawing much of my content from.

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